Avenue Coffee

Avenue Coffee

If wine isn’t your drink of choice, or if you’re still looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll have to check out Avenue Coffee! This coffee trailer brings guests of Colorado together in a scavenger hunt of sorts; you have to find them first! With local specialty coffee and an activity for all to enjoy, you can’t go wrong.

Avenue Coffee will attend events in the area to provide delicious drinks to those looking for some caffeine. The next event to see this coffee trailer will be at Market on Main in Grand Junction, so plan your trip accordingly! If you have an event that you think they would be perfect for, let them know! They are always looking for new opportunities to bring people together.

The goal of Avenue Coffee is to provide fantastic coffee and create lasting memories for its customers. If you’re ever in Colorado, be sure to check them out! You won’t regret it. With options like Lavender Cinnamon Chai, Sparkling Lavender or Raspberry Lemonade, and a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Mocha, there is so much for guests to enjoy.  You can also get more traditional drinks like an americano, latte, or espresso if specialty drinks aren’t for you. Avenue Coffee is a great place to gather with friends or make new ones.  So, what are you waiting for? Find them!

Though drinks are what they’re known for, you can also get a small bite to eat when you visit. Avenue Coffee offers a veggie breakfast burrito filled with eggs, hash browns, green chilies, and cheese! But make sure you get there early because supplies are limited. 

If you’re wanting to host an event in Colorado and have Avenue Coffee provide treats, you’ll need to fill out the event form on their website so they can get to know you and your event. All you need to do to rent out the coffee trailer is pay a fee of $100 and make sure there is a flat, large spot for both the trailer and a truck at your event.  For more information, be sure to visit their website.

Avenue Coffee is only open during the summer and fall seasons, so don’t miss out by going at the wrong time. The owners also encourage guests to use reusable cups when ordering coffee to cut down on wasted resources. You’ll even get ten cents off your order when you bring your own mug!

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