Grand Junction Motor Speedway

Grand Junction Motor Speedway

For some adventure, check out Grand Junction Motor Speedway for some fun that will get your heart racing! At Grand Junction Motor Speedway, kart racing is taken to the next level. The speedway offers a comprehensive Kart rental service, corporate and team-building programs, expert race management, arrive and drive, racing schools, private and race team test sessions, as well as regularly scheduled race events that are all part of the experience. This is a world-class racing facility where racers love the fast and exciting .9-mile road racing circuit because of the long fast straights, tight technical turns, and the exciting passing opportunities that every lap on the track provides.

Grand Junction Motor Speedway has karts for all ages, but drivers must be at the height minimum of 4′ 8.” If they don’t meet the height requirement, they can ride along in the awesome two-seaters karts.  

Grand Junction Motor Speedway’s racing will open you to the highest level of competition. They have a local club championship series that runs from April to October, featuring exciting rivalry in the Valley. In addition, they host World-class National and International events with karters from all around the world!

The 8/10 Mile at Grand Junction Motor Speedway has everything you need to get into the exciting and fast sport of Sprint Kart Racing. They have motors, chassis, and full karts for sale and rental, as well as a dream team of mechanics and tuners for track days or future races. Grand Junction Motor Speedway is also home to Energy Kart USA!

The hours of operation for Grand Junction Motor Speedway are Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Prices for racing also range from $30 to $75 per race depending on the car and type of race.

Before you begin racing, it’s important to note the meanings of the flags on the track. While many of the flags have similar meanings, there are variations from track to track, so here are some basic rules. A green flag is waved by the starter to indicate the beginning of a race or as an indication that the course is clear of any obstacles or debris. The yellow flag is the signal for caution, so drivers must slow and refrain from passing. When a race is “red-flagged,” it is stopped because one of the following things has occurred: It’s raining, the track is unraceable owing to weather issues, or an accident has taken place. Surface concerns such as oil on the track might also cause a red flag. The white flag is waved by the starter when he or she approaches the finish line of a race. The checkered flag is waved by the starter to indicate the finish of the race. The all-black flag generally means that there has been an infraction and drivers must bring their cars to the pits on the next lap.

On your next visit to Grand Junction, Colorado, be sure to check out this exciting activity with the family!

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