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Do you want to be energy independent and save money? Solar by Peak to Peak, located in Colorado’s capital city of Denver, is Colorado’s leading provider of residential solar panels. We’re a full-service roofing and solar firm with the capacity to handle everything from start to finish with your rooftop solar installation.


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Choose Solar by Peak to Peak to install a solar system at your home. As the best local solar company in Denver, CO, get your solar panels installed correctly without compromising your roof.

Get Rid Of Your Electric Bill with a Rooftop Solar Panel System

Is your energy and water expense draining your funds? Solar panels may help you reduce electricity costs by producing power for your house. It’s sunny in Denver, Colorado, year-round, making it an excellent spot for solar installation! Solar by Peak to Peak is pleased to provide our clients comprehensive solar services, including panel installation, maintenance, and financing alternatives.

Our staff is well-known across Colorado for its commitment to high-quality solar installations, from roofing to solar services. Along the Front Range, we specialize in solar power. To build roofs that meet all requirements for solar energy generation, we only use the finest contractors and specialists in the business. For a no-obligation consultation, contact us now! Whether you’re just starting or have already done your research, we can assist you on your route to solar energy.

GoSolar Today & Start Saving Money!

Solar energy is one of the best long-term investments for your home. Our professionals in Denver, CO, will work with you to determine the best solar solution for your home and budget.

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Solar Power for Your Family and Community

Denver’s vast amount of sunlight each year makes it the ideal location to go solar! A solar energy system may be a wise investment if your home gets enough sunshine with only minor roof shading. A solar installation increases the value of your property while also allowing you to take control of your power expenses.

When you pick Solar by Peak to Peak, you can be confident that you’re working with the best solar company in Denver. Our excellent name throughout Colorado, including Denver and surrounding areas, as well as Grand Junction, the western slope, and across Colorado, will give you peace of mind that we will install your solar system correctly.

What Solar Power Systems Can Do For You

The case for renewable energy is compelling and multi-pronged. It’s more than a numbers game; it’s about the environment and future generations winning.

Clean Renewable Energy

Solar energy allows you to harness the sun's free and clean resources while still having a minimal carbon footprint.

Electric Bill Savings

You may save money by lowering or eliminating your utility expenses. The more panels you have, the bigger your monthly savings are.

Tax Breaks and Incentives

Solar power systems are eligible for tax credits and local incentives at the state and federal levels. As of 2022, the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit is set at 30 percent to provide significant tax relief.

Put Yourself in Control

Solar power systems can generate the electricity your house requires, store it in a battery backup system, and then sell any excess to your utility firm.

Innovations in Solar Technology Provide Greater Power in Less Space

Solar energy technology is continuously improving, allowing for better energy production from less space. Solar power is continually becoming smaller and more efficient. Today’s standard solar panel is approximately one-third the size of a regular panel and may produce up to twice as much electricity. Because of these developments, you may make the same amount of energy with half as many panels, generate more than you need, and sell it back to your utility company.

Solar panels are both cost-effective and ecologically beneficial. A solar panel system annually eliminates the pollution produced by four automobiles! Solar installations lower your carbon footprint while assisting in the fight against global warming.

From the Federal Solar Tax Credit to savings on your energy bill, choosing Solar by Peak to Peak as your solar installer is an important consideration you won't regret.
A solar power system provides green energy for home or commercial business locations. As a home or business owner, a solar system can lower energy costs, saving potentially tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the solar panel system.

Save Money on Energy Bills & Build a More Sustainable Home

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as people search for methods to save money while reducing pollution. Solar panels may help you save money on your power bills while lowering your carbon footprint. Solar energy is renewable, so it will never run out of fossil fuels. It’s also emission-free so that it won’t contribute to global warming.

Please call us immediately if you require solar panel installation for your property in Denver, CO. We’ll work with you to select the best option for your needs and assist you in putting environmentally friendly energy strategies into practice.

The Beauty of Colorado is Breathtaking

One of the best things about Colorado is its stunning scenery. There’s no shortage of natural beauty, from the snow-capped Rocky Mountains to the red rock canyons. And with solar power, you can help keep it that way.

What's to Love

Colorado is a beloved gem in the American West for many reasons. Home to several forward-thinking cities, including Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, Colorado is also known for its progressive values, friendly neighbors, and a strong sense of community. The Rocky Mountains provide a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and skiing. There are plenty of sunny days to enjoy throughout the year while still getting to experience all four seasons. 

What's Not to Love

Although it’s a great place to live, Colorado does have its challenges. The cost of living, especially in the larger cities, can be high. The state is also experiencing rapid growth, leading to traffic congestion and overcrowding in some areas. However, this rapid growth has led to a burst of cultural and culinary creativity, with many unique museums, recreation, and dining adventures to experience.

Things to Do In & Near Denver, CO

There are a plethora of activities to do on the Colorado Front Range! There’s something for everyone, from trekking in the Rockies to dining and seeing the city’s numerous art galleries.

Mount Evans

Mount Evans

Ready to embark on an adventure? Colorado’s highest byway is also the highest paved road in North America. With breathtaking views of Mount Evans, alpine

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Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station

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Washington Park

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Frequently Asked Question About Solar In Denver, CO

Solar panel installations vary based on the number of panels, the system you pick, and other variables. Solar installation costs are additionally influenced by whether or not your roof is accessible to workers and equipment. Our solar consultants will collaborate with you to choose the best solution for your home while keeping an eye on your budget.

Solar panels are expensive, and they do require maintenance. The cost of a solar panel installation generally starts at around $15,000 for a basic system. The price can escalate depending on various factors, including size, position, and the number of panels installed. Depending on your state, a regular 6kW system may start at approximately $14,000 to $18,000. Our solar consultants will work with you to choose the best solution for your house and budget.

Solar panel installation costs will vary depending on the location. Still, a typical 6kW system starts at $14,000 in any state, according to Solar Review. The following factors determine installation expenses:

  • The ease of access for workers and equipment
  • The size of your home
  • The number of panels used
  • The type of system selected
  • Optional accessories like batteries
  • The complexity of your roof


We provide the most skilled and capable solar contractors using only high-quality products that guarantee long-term operation. We can help you make an informed decision with our years of expertise to assist you in choosing between a few of the best Solar panel alternatives available!

Yes! Solar is an excellent method to lower or eliminate your energy bill while also taking advantage of tax incentives and increasing the value of your property. Solar panels reduce reliance on fossil fuels as well as protect the environment. To see if solar is right for you, contact one of our solar experts immediately.

Solar by Peak to Peak is a Colorado-based provider of residential solar. Our team of trained solar installers is based in Colorado and serves the entire state. We have a local presence in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and along the Front Range.

At Solar by Peak to Peak, we understand that going solar is a significant financial commitment. We are dedicated to assisting you with every step on your journey, from beginning to end. Our proven track record in the Denver area will give you peace of mind that we will complete your solar project correctly from start to finish.

Solar by Peak to Peak is a leading solar service provider in the Denver area. We’re the most reputable Colorado solar company with a reputation for high-quality work and customer care. Get a free quotation now!

Solar panels convert sunlight into power, which may be used to operate your house or business. It is critical to understand how solar panels work and what you need to do before putting them in your home. The system size should be determined based on your energy requirements and the amount of sunshine your home receives. You’ll also want to ensure enough space for the solar panel installation and that the roof is suitable. Our solar experts can assist you with all these factors and more.

Is it possible to have solar panels on a metal roof? Solar panels may be safely put on most roofs, including asphalt shingles, cedar shake, tile, and metal. We only advise against installing solar panels when the roof is due for replacement soon. If you’re unsure whether your roof is suitable for solar power, contact us for a free assessment.

The installation process will differ based on the type of system you select. Even so, most solar panel installations follow these stages:

  1. Schedule a free consultation with one of our solar experts to see if your property is suitable for solar and help you choose the right system for your needs.
  2. We’ll visit your home to assess the best solar panel location and evaluate your roof.
  3. Once the site survey is complete, our staff will work with you to arrange a date for installation.
  4. On the installation day, our staff will come to your house to install the solar panels on your roof. They’ll also connect the system to your electrical panel and double-check that everything’s in working order.
  5. After the installation is finished, our staff will provide instructions on how to maintain and maximize the performance of your solar panels.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our solar experts to learn more about putting solar panels on your home’s roof!

We’re the most trusted Denver solar company with a reputation for quality work and customer service. Contact us today for a free quote! Solar by Peak to Peak is Denver’s leading provider of solar panel installation services. As a full-service roofing and solar company, we proudly offer comprehensive solar services to our residential customers in Denver, CO. 

We understand that going solar is a significant investment, and we are committed to helping you every step, from start to finish. Our proven reputation throughout the Denver area will give you the peace of mind that your solar project will be done right from start to finish.

Incomplete solar panel installations might be a safety risk and not function as intended. Yes, you may install your solar panels, but working with a reputable roofer and installer to ensure that the work is completed correctly without causing harm to your roof is strongly suggested. Working with an expert will also enable you to take advantage of available tax discounts and available incentives.

We recommend hiring a licensed solar installer to ensure that your solar panels are correctly connected and safe. Solar panel installation is a complex operation that requires knowledge of electrical systems and local building codes. Attempting to install your solar panels may result in property damage or harm. Our team of qualified solar installers has the experience and skill to ensure that your solar installation is done correctly and safely.

Get in touch with our solar experts right now to discover more about putting solar panels on your home!

Adding more solar panels to your system will result in greater energy production and savings. With rooftop installations, this renewable energy does not pollute the environment or emit noise while operating, keeping things peaceful.

When solar power is both affordable and accessible, everyone profits. Solar energy isn’t just for the rich anymore; it’s also available to you! Peak to Peak Solar is a solar panel installer with years of experience installing solar systems in the Denver area and the best pricing. For a free estimate on solar installation, give me a call now!

For additional information on creating a solar energy installation package with battery backup suited to your demands, contact Peak to Peak Solar.

It’s not difficult to get started with solar. We can assist you in determining whether solar is a good fit for your home. If solar sounds like an excellent investment for you, our solar contractors will walk you through the application procedure and keep in touch with you throughout the installation. We’ll even handle all of the paperwork and permit applications, panel sizing, and rooftop care maintenance.

Peak to Peak is a local Colorado roofer, contractor, and solar installer in the Mile High City dedicated to providing residents of the greater Denver area and the state of Colorado with high-quality solar installation. As an expert and speedy solar installer, we’ll save you time and money. For a free estimate and to be pre-screened for your next project, call us now.