Skyward Mountaineering

Skyward Mountaineering

Get ready for an adventure! Skyward Mountaineering is a small mountain guiding company that is ready to show you the ropes. They specialize in preparing alpinists for off-the-beaten-track pathways and have a track record of safely guiding difficult ascents of classics like the Eiger’s North Face and the Moonflower Buttress on Mt. Hunter. They also provide Alpine climbing and ski alpinism.

The Skyward Alpinist approach begins with your comprehensive rock, ice, mixed, alpine climbing, and skiing training. You may establish a high-level goal for yourself after you’ve completed your formal education, and then we’ll build a climbing plan based on your goals, experience level, and fitness. You raise your skills—step-by-step—as you progress with multiple Skyward Mountaineering guides up the mountains, ultimately reaching a point where you can successfully climb the routes you’ve always wanted to. Many of our clients use Steve House and Scott Johnston, two of the world’s top alpine climbing coaches, to create a training strategy that works best for you.

Since 1996, Skyward Mountaineering has been focusing on personal connections and distinctive climbs. From the backyards in Colorado to the Himalayas, their experienced climbers have led hundreds of treks from safe, exciting days on the rock to once-in-a-lifetime summits. Their goal is to get to know each visitor and customize their experience to suit their specific objectives and needs. Skyward Mountaineering’s extensive training, as well as decades of expertise, allows them to provide each guest with the climbing trip they desire at the highest professional standards.

With so many climbing options to choose from, you can be guided through a solo trip or a family trip! If you choose a family climb, the Skyward Mountaineering guides will begin with introductions and a discussion of gear and anchors. During the climbing, participants will also practice cleaning gear, creating anchors, leading belaying, and belaying a partner. Each day has a custom design based on your family’s preferences, whether it is a relaxed day with numerous breaks or a difficult activity depending on your abilities and interests. The average pricing for a family of four is around $600, but solo sessions can be significantly less.

No prior climbing experience is necessary when visiting Skyward Mountaineering. The instructors are experienced with all ages, and some regularly climb with their own kiddos. A safe environment is always provided so guests can learn the basics of rock climbing. And best yet, all equipment is provided so you only need to bring yourself!

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