Willow Creek Trail

Willow Creek Trail

The Willow Creek Trail is a six-mile trail with both paved and soft surfaces that runs alongside a creekbed in the suburbs near Centennial. The trail begins in the north at Holly Park Open Space, an open grassland area with Denver skyline views. Holly Park also has part of the Centennial Link Trail, which provides access to the longer High Line Canal Trail.

When you enter the State Park, it feels like you’re walking into another world. The red rock and wildlife create stunning scenery, making it the perfect place to get away from it all, just south of Denver. The Willow Creek trail is a great way to start exploring this beautiful landscape.

The Willow Creek Trail goes south along a peaceful, tree-lined road that passes through residential areas and local parks. The trail runs adjacent to a large shopping center and provides access to the C-470 Bikeway by heading below County Line Road. Following beneath the highway, the route passes across several open fields before reaching Cook Creek Park, which has biking access to Cook Creek as well as other amenities. The path continues southeast into Lone Tree, where it terminates.

As the name implies, this lovely walkway allows residents and visitors a chance to enjoy some of the region’s natural beauty – it’s not uncommon to see foxes and other animals along the route – while also providing an important link in the area’s extensive system of trails. The northern end of parking is available at Holly Park via a lot for Willow Creek Park off E Phillips Circle, midway through with a lot for Willow Creek Park off E Phillips Circle, and near the southern end in Cook Creek Park. On-street parking may be limited; please check any posted signs or warnings before proceeding.

Take I-25 south to Centennial, then take exit 197 and turn right to continue west on E Arapahoe Road. Continue for roughly a mile before turning right onto S Krameria Way; the parking lot will be on the left after the bend.  This is the northernmost parking lot for Willow Creek Greenbelt Trail.

To get some fresh air and beautiful sights, all you need to do is make a stop here.  This place is perfect for a family outing, a romantic evening, or even just some time to yourself. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the amazing views!

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