Secrets of Aurora: 4 Hidden Treasures to Uncover

Secrets of Aurora: 4 Hidden Treasures to Uncover

Aurora, Colorado, a town often overshadowed by its bustling neighbor Denver, holds secrets like its vibrant arts scene, outdoor adventures, and museum waiting to be discovered by the curious traveler. 

From serene natural escapes like gardens to vibrant arts scenes and rich cultural experiences, this list unveils four hidden treasures in the city that offer a glimpse into Aurora’s unique charm, diversity, and outdoor adventures. Each spot in the city area has been carefully selected to surprise and delight visitors, revealing layers of history, beauty, and creativity that even locals may not know. This includes museums and areas with a vibrant arts scene. 

Dive into the heart of Aurora, a city with a vibrant arts scene, as we explore these less-traveled paths featuring museums and events. Scroll down for reviews of our top picks, including phone apps, events, museum visits, and arts experiences, and start planning your adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Exploring Aurora, Colorado, offers unique opportunities to discover hidden gems that provide a mix of history, art, nature, and outdoor activities.
  • The DeLaney Homestead Historic District is a must-visit for history buffs interested in learning about Aurora’s agricultural past and seeing historical buildings up close.
  • Art enthusiasts will find the Bicentennial Art Center an inspiring place, offering a variety of art classes and exhibitions that showcase local talent.
  • Nature lovers and families should not miss the Plains Conservation Center, where they can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Colorado’s plains and learn about conservation efforts.
  • If you’re looking for outdoor adventure, 12 Mile Stables offers horseback riding experiences that cater to all skill levels, providing a unique way to explore Aurora’s scenic trails.
  • These hidden treasures in Aurora not only enrich your travel experience but also highlight the diverse attractions the city has to offer beyond its mainstream tourist spots.

1. DeLaney Homestead Historic District

DeLaney Homestead Historic District, with its museum addressing the city’s rich agricultural past, stands as a hidden gem in Aurora, offering a unique glimpse into the town’s arts and history. This preserved 19th-century farm museum encapsulates the essence of Aurora’s history, providing an educational and immersive experience for visitors interested in the arts and the city’s past.

Guests can explore the original homestead buildings that have stood the test of time, including a historic barn and farmhouse. Each structure tells a story, offering insights into the daily lives and traditions of Aurora’s early settlers. The district serves not only as a treasure trove of history and arts but also as an example of preservation and respect for the past.

Adding to its charm, DeLaney Homestead features scenic walking trails that connect to the High Line Canal. These trails offer breathtaking views and a peaceful escape from modern life, allowing visitors to step back in time while enjoying nature.

2. Bicentennial Art Center

Bicentennial Art Center stands as a cornerstone in Aurora’s vibrant arts scene, offering a deep dive into the city’s creative pulse. This center is not just another museum; it’s a living, breathing space where art comes to life. Visitors can explore local art exhibitions that showcase works by talented Aurora artists, highlighting the diversity and innovation present in the community.

For those looking to get hands-on, Bicentennial Art Center offers art classes and workshops designed for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore your artistic side or an experienced artist seeking to refine your skills, there’s something here for everyone.

Special events and artist talks are a regular feature at the center, providing opportunities to engage with the creative community. These gatherings allow visitors to hear directly from artists about their work, process, and what drives their creativity, offering rare cultural experiences that enrich Aurora’s arts district.

3. Plains Conservation Center 

The Plains Conservation Center offers a unique opportunity to experience the vastness of the Colorado prairie. Visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty and learn about native wildlife and plants that call this area home. This spot is perfect for those looking to connect with nature and delve into outdoor adventures.

Guided tours at the center allow guests to explore outdoor exhibits, including historical replicas of Cheyenne tipis, providing a glimpse into the lives of the Plains Indians. These tours not only offer scenic trails but also serve as an educational journey through time.

Engaging in the center’s educational programs is another highlight. Focused on conservation and the history of the Plains Indians, these programs aim to foster a deep appreciation for the environment and community spirit among visitors. Whether you’re planning a trip with family or seeking a day full of fun and learning, the Plains Conservation Center is a must-visit destination.

4. 12 Mile Stables

Tucked away in Aurora, Colorado, 12 Mile Stables offers an unforgettable horseback riding experience through the picturesque trails of Cherry Creek State Park. This hidden treasure is not just about the ride; it’s about connecting with nature and these magnificent animals. Visitors can choose from a variety of riding experiences that cater to all levels of riders. Whether it’s a serene moonlight ride or an engaging pony ride for children, there’s something for everyone.

What sets 12 Mile Stables apart is their commitment to education and safety. Experienced instructors are on hand to teach visitors about horse care and riding techniques, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. The stables provide a perfect blend of adventure and learning, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore Aurora’s natural beauty.

Unveiling the Four Hidden Treasures in Aurora

Aurora, Colorado, harbors treasures that await discovery beyond its scenic landscapes. The DeLaney Homestead Historic District, Bicentennial Art Center, Plains Conservation Center, and 12 Mile Stables each offer unique insights into the area’s rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning nature. These hidden gems provide tourists with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aurora’s diverse offerings. Through exploring these sites, they engage with the past and present in a meaningful way, enriching their travel experience.

Tourists seeking an adventure off the beaten path are encouraged to visit these locations. Each site promises an unforgettable journey into Aurora’s heart, revealing stories and landscapes that capture the imagination. By choosing to explore these hidden treasures, they not only enhance their own understanding but also support the preservation and recognition of Aurora’s cultural and natural heritage.

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