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Bluff Lake Nature Preserve

The Bluff Lake Nature Center is a nonprofit organization that runs and owns an unusual urban wildlife sanctuary and outdoor classroom in Denver. The refuge is host to a diverse range of creatures, as well as indigenous plants, that thrive in a variety of conditions. Bluff Lake is the city’s biggest open space maintained as natural habitat, and it is also Denver’s only non-profit nature center. We are entirely dependent on public donations.

Tens of thousands of people come to Bluff Lake every year for a variety of purposes, such as enjoying some nature and connecting with it, or participating in one of our scheduled programs or events. It’s the perfect place to take the family for a day!

Bluff Lake is home to hundreds of species of birds, mammals, insects, and plants. If you want to see some samples of what you may find while hiking through the nature center, check out their website for pictures and descriptions. Bluff Lake is home to one of the most beautiful birding hotspots in all of North America! The magnificent avian habitat has attracted a large and lively community of birders, who have helped identify 226 distinct species. Who wouldn’t want to spend their day sightseeing in the beautiful outdoors? The website also offers free resources to download so you can give yourself a tour through Bluff Lake.

One of the many interesting activities at Bluff Lake includes forest bathing. Bathing in the Forest (Shinrin-Yoku) is spending time in nature to “swim” in the rich sensory experience of all that surrounds you, a method popularized by Japanese practitioners. It was created in Japan throughout the 1980s to relieve tension and increase well-being. To enhance this soothing, two-hour guided walk, you will be prompted to open your senses and connect with nature in a deeper way. Adults and teenagers should enjoy this excursion.

Bluff Lake has a little something for everyone. Whether you are planning a birthday, organizing a field trip, or simply looking for a fun weekend activity, they have what you need. They even offer summer activities.

The weekly outdoor nature camps offer a unique opportunity for kids and teens! Bluff Lake Nature Preserve has something for everyone, with Weekly Camp Themes for ages 5-6 or ages 7-12, and a Junior Counselor Program for ages 13-17.  The camps begin at 9 a.m. and conclude at 3 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday. These camps are for children or teenagers who have enough energy to play, grow, and create a brighter future for themselves and the planet!

Bluff Lake enhances campers’ understanding and appreciation for the natural world through a combination of weekly environmental themes, nature excursions, animal encounters, hands-on activities, games, crafts, and free creek play. Every camper will have the opportunity to be curious, active, and recognized thanks to smaller groups organized by age and parent preferences! Parents will also receive camp photos and activity reports from the counselors at the end of each week, allowing them to participate in the experience.

Bluff Lake is a great way to escape the everyday stressors and give yourself a relaxing time. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or participating in the classes, you will enjoy the activity!

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